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Staying on top of any industry requires innovation and evolution. ExpansionJS provides development and marketing services for organizations of any size, from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies to small start-up businesses, by leveraging the latest technologies.

Custom Web Development

Wide spectrum of Web App Development services to its global clientele built on latest technologies and frameworks, delivered without cost and time overruns...

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Mobile App Development

We provide effective mobile app development solutions, cross-platform, out of the box & responsive apps with thriving designs and secure backend.

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Detect and predict machine anomalies with automated machine learning, enables you to use and profit from the flood of sensor data coming from every machine.

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Digital Marketing and CRM Integrations

We help transform businesses by combining in-depth customer insights with our expertise in operational and economic growth to help our clients create sustainable organic and paid growth. ExpansionJS gets your brand and marketing strategies aligned and launched.

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Our highest priority is to meet client expectations with top technical expertise that consistently delivers innovative and high-quality technology solutions.

Our Project Workflow

Transparency & Fairness

Our transparency and risk-free environment makes you feel as a part of a team.

Focus On Business Value

We're letting the client decide the priority of feature implementation, this way we can provide the best business value.

Early Predictable Delivery

We divide project on two-week sprints, so new features are delivered quickly and frequently, with a high level of predictability.

Allows For Change

We always provide an opportunity to refine the product backlog. Our team will plan the next iteration to introduce new changes within a few weeks.

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